Gun Man Services

The GUNMAN-1000 II provides the bolts and sleeves present in the magazine via hoses. A provisioning manipulator passes these to the gripper electrode which is able to take up bolts of diameter of up to 8 mm and fix these using its jawelectrode. It then positions the bolton the workpiece completely automatically. This guarantees that the bolt is applied to the workpiece in the required position and ready for welding.

A fixing pin inside the gripper electrode ensures that the bolt is pressed on correctly. The length of this pin can be adjusted, thus making it possible to handle a wide variety of bolt types without having to change the gripper electrode. The GUNMAN-1000 II has a power rating of 3 kVA. With a positioning speed of 24 m/min and a cycle frequency of approximately 7s, the stud welding machine ensures fast, accurate results.