Security Services

Mahendra Security Services provides a customer focused professional security service in Bangalore. Our proactive approach ensures that you receive a bespoke personal service which is specifically tailored to meet every aspect of your corporate security requirements. Today more than ever, it is vital that customers have responsive and trusted security arrangements in place. As a Security service provider we are acutely aware that listening to our clients is the core basis for effective service provision. Every one of our contracts is unique and we ensure that we work extremely closely with each client management team in order to provide a professional bespoke service.

It is a fact of business life that every company's major assets are constantly under threat. Manned securities probably the only true effective forms of reducing vandalism, theft and criminal damage to property and threats to staff. This is why at Indus, we aim to provide an effective Guarding Solution to eliminate these well-known threats. We pride ourselves as being a rapidly growing organisation in the provision of manned security, offering a comprehensive spectrum of security services from a one man-guarding contract to a multi-manned security team.

We take pride in providing the highest level of service to our clients and attending to their individual requirements by understanding the customer’s need, anticipating requirements, checking comfort levels and using feedback constructively to help deliver expected service levels, this approach to Fireball satisfied and growing customer base. As the leading professional organization, Fireball offers a wide range of specialized and customized services to its customers, covering We offer very efficient security services to meet the ever growing needs of entities in protecting information, property, and personnel. We have a well trained security services to handle routine services and emergency situations. Our team is supported by veterans from armed forces and police officers.